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Ben Hall is drawn back into bushranging by the reappearance of his old friend John Gilbert. Reforming the gang, they soon become the most wanted men in Australian history.

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original title: The Legend of Ben Hall

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duration: 2h 19min

tags: Some legends are not heroes.


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The epic, true story of the most wanted men in Australia's bushranger history. After years on the run, Ben Hall and his infamous gang now only need to steal enough cash and gold to flee to America. The gang prove unstoppable until one fateful day during a Mail Coach robbery, a Police Sergeant is shot dead. With the laws soon to change, making the bounty on their heads profitable and deadly, Ben and his gang must each face the consequences of their crimes. As friends turn to enemies and enemies turn to bounty hunters, the police are now determined more than ever to capture or even kill the gang at any cost. After two years on the road, bushranger Ben Hall considers surrendering to the law when his old friend John Gilbert entices him back into the game. Taking on a fresh recruit John Dunn, the gang ride again, before long becoming the most wanted men in the British Empire. When they are declared outlaw, the three decide to flee the colony forever. As Ben Hall seeks to make peace with his tortured past, the their trusted friend becomes a police informant. They set a cunning trap for the outlaws, and on the cold morning of May 5th 1865, Ben Hall emerges alone from his camp... and walks into legend forever. There was no Legend in the story and named Ben Hall first seemed to be a cowboy western movie like Clint Eastwoods' The Outlaw but here it was none. Can't blame the Aussies for this but rather the director and the script was simply awful. I would say this to director - if you make a fact or true story based movie then make it like "The life of Ben Hall or The Story of Ben Hall" but don't just call it a "Legend". I would tell viewers worldwide to skip this movie and go for another which has good script and story. From knowing nothing of Ben hall to feeling like I know him and his gang personally. The legend it's self has sparked an interest in truly wanting to discover all about Australian history and the authenticity of this brilliant Aussie film is to be thanked. The director, Matthew Holmes, has thoroughly considered all aspects of history and has chosen the most breathtaking locations. The cinematography was absolutely wonderful and is perfectly matched with a heart wrenching score. The character biography's of all 3 leads is so interesting and is portrayed in such a personal way, that it makes one think about the helpless lifestyles our ancestors have had to endure. You can empathise with the young John Dunn and feel his inner urge to impress his cronies. William Lee's jaw dropping performance allows you to relate and find that place that we all hide in our inner Psyche, where we just wish we were a little bit older, wiser and tougher. The character portrayal of Jack (John) Gilbert makes you just see how common narcissistic tendencies can be seen in every day society. He shows how a demonic personality can entertain and thrill all at the same time. We all know someone just like him and Jamie Coffa portrays that scary class clown like a true star. Ben Hall is the vision of all our worst night mare coming true. Situational desperation which is captured by the lead actor Jack Martin, like it is a real life experience. It is a true Aussie treasure and anyone claiming to be an Australian owes it to them self to learn our history and there is no better way to explore the truth then to watch this breathtakingly awe inspiring film.


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